Health Mapper

Health Mapper

A health mapping and surveillance program developed by the WHO
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The World Health Organization is the United Nations' division in charge of directing and coordinating UN's health efforts. With this aim, the WHO has developed a program designed for creating maps and showing information related to the health status of a country or a region. It allows you to create maps containing a variety of data, like roads, water sources, rivers and lakes, community and private health centers, and so on. It also lets you obtain these data in the form of tables and graphs, and to save and print them. You can export the map and the data associated with it to other formats, like .JPG or .BMP. Also, you can import data from other sources, such as MS Excel or Access databases.
Although the program's interface is very intuitive, you need to get familiar with it to take full advantage of its features. Also, the publicly available version only contains data about Mali, and you need to download it separately. If you need information about other countries, you must sign an agreement with the WHO regarding the use you will give to the information.

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  • Useful for health care organizations and NGO's


  • Very specialized.
  • The public version only features data about Mali.
  • The core program and data files must be downloaded separately
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